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Parent Educator: Minerva Reyna


We want to encourage you to become a volunteer at P.S. Garza Elementary. This is a great opportunity to help the staff on campus but also to show your child that you care about their school. You are the example to your child, he/she will see that you want to be part of their campus life by volunteering your time and efforts to help the campus be successful. Take some time and visit our campus Parent Center.


Queremos animar a cada uno de ustedes que sean un voluntario en P.S. Garza. Esta es una gran oportunidad para ayudar al personal en la escuela y también a mostrar a su hijo/ja que se preocupa por la escuela. Usted es el ejemplo a su hijo/ja, él/la vera que usted quiere ser parte de su vida en la escuela por donar su tiempo y esfuerzos para ayudar a la escuela ser un éxito. Tome tiempo y visiten el Centro de Padres.

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  • P.S. Garza Homeless Students/Estudiantes sin Hogar
    At P.S. Garza we offer the following services

    for our homeless students:

    Transportation to and from the school of origin

        - Free meals

        - Immediate enrollment

    Campuses assist with:

        - Uniforms and shoes in PK3 - 8th grade

        - Jeans, tops and shoes in 9th - 12th grade

        - Clothing drives

        - Coat and sweater drive

        - Canned food drive


    If you have any questions please contact our campus

    counselors; Ms. Castillo or Mr. Hascall.


    En P.S. Garza le ofrecemos los sigientes servicios a

    nuestros estudinates sin hogar:

    El transporte hacia y desde la escuela de origen

        - Comidas gratis

        - La inscripcion inmediata

    La escuela la ayudara con:

        - Uniformes y zapatos en PK3 - 8 grado

        - Panalones de mascilia, blusa y zapatos en 9 al 12 grado

        - Unidades de ropa

        - Escudo y el sueter en coche

        - Colectas de alimentos enlatados

    Si usted tiene alguna pregunta por favor pongase en contacto

    con nuestros consejeros de la escuela; Sra. Castillo o el Sr. Hascall.


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Mr. Gomez helping out by wrapping some gifts for our P.S. Garza students.

Important dates for parents to remember.

Padres tomando su tiemplo ayudando cortar noche buenas. Helping out with the making of decorations.

Como puede ayudar usted as su hijo/a. Lessons taking place at P.S. Garza for our parents.

  • Healthy Relationships Workshop

    The presenter spoke to parents about a healthy relationship between mother, father, and children. The presenter gave examples to parents of a healthy relationship. The three major points the presenter made was communicating among family members, parents are the main teachers of their children, and working as a family team to have healthy relationships. Parents did several activities which helped them understand the point of views of the students who cannot communicate with their parents and vise-versa.



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